Wholesale Frozen Vegetables & Fruits

We are wholesale organic food supplier who supplies frozen vegetables and fruits. All of D&J Organic foods products are frozen by using the IQF  technology. IQF is one of the most effective & ideal ways to freeze seasonal products.

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Food Packaging

We are wholesale food packaging supplier who offers a wide variety of shapes, sizes and color of Food-grade certified plastic containers to meet your needs and expectations.

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wholesale organic food

To increase the North America market share by 50% in next 5 years, D&J Foods invested in his infrastructure in 2016 & open its branch in Montreal and by focusing on its main strategy (Farm-To-Table) to reduce the times between harvest & consumption which brings the freshness & quality to its customer's products.

The Montreal branch is in charged with developing and executing the Direct-To-Consumer and cross-sell strategy for the Canadian & American Division.

It has the primary responsibility to help the company evolve into a more customer-centric organization through new product development, new and improved distribution channels and innovative marketing.

Their mandate is to not only expand in the Direct -To-Consumer market and reach previously underserved segments but to leverage core capabilities to advantage their partners and improve collective competitiveness.


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