Frozen Onion

frozen organic onion

Product Name IQF 3/8” Diced Onion ORGANIC
Ingredient declaration 100% Fresh ORGANIC Onions, product contains no additives or artificial preservatives
Freezing Technique Individual Quick Frozen (IQF).
Organic Certification Certified Organic by organic certification body including COR & NOP
Food Safety Certificate One of Recognised Schemes of GFSI
Kosher certificate Available per request
Shelf Life Stored at -18℃ (0°F) or below for a maximum period of 24 months
GMO Statement Non-GMO , Gluten & Allergen free , Non-Irradiation
Appearance Natural bright  color of ONION
Taste & Flavor Onions will possess a flavor and odor which is characteristic of properly processed onions
Odour The pieces of onions should possess a natural characteristic typical flavor, should not be harsh or bitter in flavor and possess no unpleasant flavors taints or off flavors/odors
Color Onions will be of a bright, white, and uniform color with some slightly greenish tinge characteristic of the variety. 20 units in a 16oz sample can have a slightly green color
Texture Thawed onions shall be succulent and firm
Maturity Product possesses a texture, typical of fresh young Onion
Size 3/8”*3/8”*3/8”
Foreign Material Practically free from grit, leaves, and other foreign material
Packaging Characteristics Packaging must protect the sensory and quality characteristics of the product from
bacteriological and other contamination and moisture loss. Packaging materials shall not pass
on to the product any odor, flavor, or other foreign characteristics.
Packaging Size & Labeling 15-25 kg transparent polyethylene bag packed into cardboard carton , the individual packs to be labeled with the information including Product name, net weight ,shelf life, store temperature and country of origin and it can be changed per request.
Shipping / Storage Product shall be shipped and stored at -18℃ (0°F) or below
Cooking Instructions When recipes to be cooked call for diced or chopped onions, use this convenient product directly from the bag.Heat thoroughly and cool to use as a topping or in cold salads.
* For food safety and best quality cook to a temperature of 160° F before consumption.
Do you use any processing aids in this product? No
Do you use any ingredients that have any processing aids? No
Are there any incidental additives in this product? No
Are any preservatives used in this product? No
Do you add anything to adjust the pH of this product? No
Does this ingredient contain artificial flavors? No
Does this ingredient contain artificial colors? No
Does this ingredient contain synthetic ingredients? No
Does this ingredient contain or is it extracted using synthetic solvents (i.e. hexane)? No
Does this ingredient contain synthetic carriers? No
Does this ingredient contain spice(s) ? No